Google Wallet Update Brings Support For Major Credit Cards

Google Wallet Full of ElectronicsA couple of months ago, I used my free $10 from Google Wallet at a local restaurant for lunch and the transaction worked great without any issues. The only problem was that in order to use Google Wallet again, I had to load money from my bank account to a card supplied by Google. I didn’t want to go through the hassle of reloading the card every time I needed money, so I decided to wait Google Wallet out until they made some improvements.

Late Wednesday, Google Wallet finally released an update that supports any debit or credit card from Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover. When you log in to your account, just add any debit/credit card to your Google Wallet account and it will show up in the app. When making payments with your NFC-enabled device, enter your security pin and are choose the card you’d like to use. Google will accept your payment and bill the selected credit card. If you ever lose your phone, you can log on to your Wallet account and disable the use of the card.

While the use of Near Field Communications (NFC) to pay for items is pretty cool, I’m wondering how long it will take for the average consumer to catch on. There are concerns around NFC being hacked, but will consumers feel safe saving their debit card numbers in the cloud?

While Google claims Wallet is accepted at over 140,000 merchants across the United States, most of the places I frequent aren’t on the list. Only time will tell if this technology will become widespread. As more phones are released with with NFC chips inside, I my hope is that more merchants will add this to their stores.

Do you use or plan on using Google Wallet? What do you think of their recent update?

UPDATE: It looks like Google may have jumped the gun on including American Express in the list of companies signed on to Google Wallet. Tech Crunch reports that American Express and Google are still in discussions about inclusion in Google Wallet, but no agreement has yet been reached.

(Via +Google Wallet)