GoSmart Stylus 200 Series and 300 Series Review

If you’re trying to do pen input on a tablet not specifically made for it, you may find that accuracy is not always high. The rubber or plastic tips on most capacitive styluses make fine control difficult and constantly remind you that you are not working with pen on paper.

GoSmart 200 Series Stylus Tip

The GoSmart styluses are tipped with with a small piece of metal that forms something like a target or a gun sight, making precision placement of the tip much easier. The tip connects to the stylus body with a tiny spring to allow comfortable writing and sketching from many angles. Also, the tip is very smooth and Teflon-coated – I felt no risk of scratching the tablet face with it.

GoSmart 300 Series
GoSmart 300 Series Uncapped

Two Designs

GoSmart is offering this stylus in two body types, the 200 Series and 300 Series. The 300 has a sci-fi rocketship look to it with the rubber cap forming fins. The 200 Series is a more convention straight-barreled pen design. One thing to note is that the little fins on the 300 can start to be a bit uncomfortable against your hand if you’re writing for an extended period of time. In this case, you can remove the cap entirely, or just opt for the 200 series.

GoSmart 200 Series
GoSmart 200 Series Uncapped

A feature of both models is a set of rare earth magnets embedded into the barrel. These allow attachment to the side of a magnet-equipped iPad or other magnetic surfaces. This can be handy, but the connection is not strong enough to trust it when you’re carrying your iPad around. The barrels on both models are made of brushed aluminum that feels good in the hand.


The GoSmart styluses are an effective way to get more accurate pen input on your tablet, and the special tip moves very well across the glass while never feeling like it’s prone to scratch. If you do a lot of writing or art with a stylus, the GoSmart models are a solid choice. The 200 Series and 300 Series are $24.95 each and replacement tips are available for $6.00.