Great Mobile Apps for Back to School

Zoo Train

Busy Bee Studios has apps like Zoo Train for iOS, Android, Kindle and Nook at under $3 that turn math and word lessons into puzzles and fun!

Ready to Print

Ready to Print teaches your kid how to write for $10. It increases their visual-motor, visual perceptual and fine motor skills needed for writing. It’s available on iOS, Android and Kindle.

Bugs and Buttons

At $3.99, Bugs and Buttons builds brain and motor skills and is available on most every platform from Android to iOS to Kindle and Nook.

Bo’s School Day

For early elementary students, there’s Bo’s School Day for Android & iOS. At $3, this app introduces pre-K’ers to “Big Kid” school by teaching them about packing a lunch box and backpack, cleaning up toys and classrooms, and leaving to go home.

Math Mathews

Math Mathews could be a good option for late elementary students on the iOS and Android platforms. It’s described as “Pirates of the Caribbean” meets “Indiana Jones” meets “Multiplication Tables.”

Squeebles Fractions

Also for late elementary math students is Squeebles Fractions for Android & iOS. This $2 app features monsters called “squabbles” who are having a cake show. The student earns recipes and ingredients to make cakes as they answer math questions. Yummy!

Geography Drive USA

For late elementary geography learning, there’s the $4 Geography Drive USA by Spinlight for iOS, Kindle and Nook. Students “drive” across the USA, answering trivia questions from state to state.

Middle School Confidential: Be Confident in Who You Are

Families who have a student transitioning from elementary to middle or junior high school might want to consider Middle School Confidential: Be Confident in Who You Are by Electric Egglplant for iOS and Android. For $5 your student gets a set of graphic novels that helps them deal with tough issues ranging from bullying, teasing, to self-doubt, coping skills, and learning to believe in themselves.

Hands on Equations: The Fun Way To Learn Algebra

Middle School Math Students will benefit from Hands on Equations: The Fun Way To Learn Algebra – a $5 app on Android and iOS. The app uses pawns to represent variables, and blocks to represent constants in a “game-ified” system that has helped more than a million students.

iTooch Middle School

If your state is teaching the Common Core set of standards, you can try the freemium iTooch Middle School App for Android, iOS and Windows. The lessons cover math and English Language Arts for 6th, 7th and 8th Grades — and cover 10,000 lessons! You can sample a module for free before committing to a subscription.


High school and college students will appreciate the free Quizlet app for iOS or Android that allows you to make your own flashcard and quizzes study aids.


Dictionary.Com apps for Android, BlackBerry and iOS are free and worth having!

CIA World Factbook

Social Science students can benefit from the free CIA World Factbook Apps for iOS and Android.


And of course Evernote is free and will allow students to synchronize and share study notes, web-clips, documents, to do lists, class schedules… pretty much everything!

Khan Academy

Also free, no matter the platform: the fantastic Khan Academy series of lectures on youtube with apps available on just about any platform you can imagine. I even use these videos for continued education!


And finally – it’s not an app — but the website Hoot.Me switches Facebook into “study mode” by allowing users to create “smart” chat rooms that can handle math symbols, YouTube embeds, and group video chats to allow students to leverage the social network into a giant virtual study hall.