Great News Summary Apps

Software That Summarizes

We have probably all had the experience of wanting to read an article, but it was longer than we had time or patience to accommodate. Developers have created software that uses natural language algorithms to take the original stories and summarize them for faster reading.

Options Keep Going Away

This is an idea that’s been around for a while in the forms of Summly, Summify, Wavii, and others. But none of those exist anymore – they were all bought buy larger companies that wanted to use the technology to put into their own products.

Circa News

Circa News (iOS) is getting a lot of attention as a startup. Open the app and you’ll see a list of Top Stories. You can browse through headlines of either Top News or break it into sub categories like Politics, Technology, Science and more. Find a headline that looks interesting to you, and click through to the summary, or continue on to the full article.

TLDR Reader

TLDR Reader (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) will offer you the same Top News stories. In the Home tab, browse US News, World News, Technology, Entertainment, People, Automotive and more. Click through to summaries. Open the Original story or click “Find More” to find similar news stories. If you choose Open Original, it’ll open in the app’s browser. You can then click TLDR and get different versions of the summary, either short version, medium or long.