Gripzila Smart Phone Stand Review

I have tried out MANY different stands over the past year for all sorts of digital devices and I am pleased to say that Gripzila has become a favorite for my phone. At first glance it appears basic and not very exciting. That is the beauty of this stand: simplicity. Gripzila is extremely lightweight. This is very important to me because I am always on the go and other stands I have tried are too heavy. I mostly use it to prop up my phone so I can watch my social feeds coming through, but I can see using it for reading recipes, watching podcasts and doing live video chats.

The functionality of Gripzila again is simple. It’s spring loaded to fit any size of phone and even phone + case. The gripper is well padded as to not scratch the screen. It acts as a tripod and can be set to view vertically or horizontally.


Is there anything I don’t like? Actually, yes. The gripper covers a significant portion of the screen and with such a small device, you may not be willing to lose that much of your view. Also, one side of the stand that rests on the table is rounded causing tilting or falling over. There is a flat side so this is not a deal-breaker.

Gripzila is a successful Kickstarter project by Kelvin Hulet that aimed to raise $5000, and brought in $7500. At a price point of $9.45, you cannot beat this stand. It comes in a variety of colors and can be customized with a logo.


  1. says

    I bought it after it was shown on the live show.
    I use it to hold my Kindle, but need one more to make it stand in portrait mode.
    Otherwise it works great.