Hello 2011!

Hello and welcome to the GeekBeat.TV Blog circa 2011! Last year was a blast writing for all of you and I expect this year to be even more fun. To get the fun started, some of us thought we’d share with you our predictions for the new year.

Brodie Beta

  • Mac fans may see a new “swivel” iMac with a touch screen display in 2011. Jobs stated that Apple had tested out a touch screen display but said a vertical design is way off. “We’ve done tons of user testing on this, and it turns out it doesn’t work.” “Touch surfaces don’t want to be vertical.” The swivel stand completely answers the issue, as shown above.
  • I think heavy regulation is coming to the internet in ways we’ve never seen before, world-wide. While this sounds horrible, it may actually bring some content to lacking devices like Google TV. Perhaps tighter regulations may ease and encourage the major networks and content providers to come to the table with this new generation of social set-top boxes.

Cali Lewis

  • Distraction-free driving is shaping up to be a big deal this year. I predict that I will FINALLY be able to effectively listen to my email and text messages, then reply back to them… all with my voice and hands free. There will definitely be flaws in the way it works, and it’ll feel hacked together, but it’ll work.
  • The 3D craze isn’t dying. 3D technology will improve, and we’ll see more options available without glasses. I don’t think the price is ready to drop much this year, but with more adoption in 2011, prices will see a steady decrease in future years.
  • Android will be adopted by a wider audience, and developers will get on board big time. The Android Market will begin to REALLY compete with the App Store…most likely in the latter half of the year.
  • We’re going to see a big leap in wireless charging. Maybe not so much on the technical side…you’ll still have to use cases on your phones, etc, but awareness and adoption will definitely increase in 2011.

Chris Cameron

  • We’ll see a new iPad with a camera, possibly with a smaller screen and it will be sold at a lower price than the original model.
  • A major feature-length film will release simultaneously in theaters, in stores on DVD/BluRay and online via Netflix, iTunes and other streaming services.
  • No Verizon iPhone in 2011. But maybe a Verizon iPad?

Chris Christensen

  • Groupon will see at least one serious competitor (possibly Facebook) enter its space and will have second thoughts about not taking the offers it got for the company this year.
  • Facebook will get a seat on the UN. OK, that might be exaggerating a bit but Facebook will continue to dominate.
  • Google will have yet another major product launch like Buzz or… that other one… that no one will care about.
  • This year should be, but won’t be, the year of internet TV because the networks will continue to complicate getting TV over the internet until they finally lose half their advertising revenue, though that won’t happen this year.
  • 2011 will be another strong growth year for mobile as 4G networks start to arrive, but no new major product groups like last year’s iPad will arrive. This will be a year where the devices we love just get better.


  • We will see a new color touchscreen version of the Kindle in 2011.
  • There will be a new level of augmented reality app that will scan people with facial recognition and display a little social profile about them. This will be particularly popular at conferences.

Gord McLeod

  • Someone will think to create a dedicated secondary PC display out of eInk technology like that seen in the Kindle and other eReaders. This will be intended for those who work with text a lot and suffer eye strain as a result. It will not get past the concept/demo stage in 2011.
  • Book lending restrictions on the Nook will ease up a little bit, quickly followed by similar relaxation on the Kindle and other eReaders. This will not happen until late in the year, and will not be a complete lifting of restrictions. I’m thinking more that the lending period will increase, but you can still lend only once for now.
  • Groupon will continue to gain traction and as it does, it will start attracting more and more participating companies in different markets. This will fuel its growth, adding hugely to it’s user base.
  • 3D Display technology will be the subject of massive controversy as people freak out about the warnings that it can damage young children’s vision. The Nintendo 3DS will be the early primary focus of this controversy.
  • Kinect is going to continue to explode. PC gaming via Kinect will move out of the experimental realm. That said, non-gaming applications will prove to be the Kinect’s true strength and will eclipse its use as a gaming device. This will push Kinect sales into a position where they rival, even exceed XBox 360 sales by year’s end.

Dave Peterson

  • At CES we will see at least one tablet computer with 3D as a selling point. It will still need glasses and won’t make it to market. Or if it does, no one will notice.
  • 2011 will see a noticeable rise in niche social media networks around professions, such as FlackList which serves to connect PR people with media.

John Pozadzides

  • I predict that Facebook is going to release a new feature codenamed “Gumbo”.  There will be speculation that it is a mashup service designed to integrate information from Twitter and Buzz in the datastream. In reality it is just going to be Mark Zuckerberg’s favorite family recipe.

Check back at the end of the year when we’ll go over these predictions and see how we did!


  1. Jerad says


    Thanks for the look ahead. Should be a great year for cleaning up the great products we already love or wish we had.

  2. says

    Happy 2011 everybody.

    I noticed a prediction about wireless charging, but i missed the prediction that we might be able to charge our mobiles or other machines via a solar panel that not necessary need sun to charge the machines just the light is enough. That way we could play with our gadgets without hurting the environment. Would that not be great?!

    Take care and best wishes for 2011 to all of you at GeekBeatTV,