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Airblade Tap Washes and Dries in One Device

We have automatic faucets and hand dryers – now James Dyson has a plan to combine them all in one sink called the Airblade Tap.

Hello Kitty Goes to Near Space

13-year-old Lauren Rojas sent a Hello Kitty doll nearly 100,000 feet up into the atmosphere and documented the whole thing with GoPro cameras.

Man Ring Puts All Your Tools on One Finger

The Man Ring wants to be the Swiss Army knife of jewelry with a fold-out blade, comb, bottle opener and more.

Open Bottles with a Superhero Ring

Or you could get a 3D-printed ring with your favorite superhero or movie emblem and look impossibly cool as you open bottles with it.

Raspberry Pi Nears 1 Million Units Shipped

Raspberry Pi has proven to be FAR more popular than its creators expected. They thought they’d move 1,000 – 5,000 units – they’re now closing in on 1,000,000 shipped.

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablets Begin to Appear

The Windows 8 Pro version of the Microsoft Surface tablet have begun to show up as demo units in some Microsoft Stores.

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  1. Bruce R.(BPR639Geek)

    I love this concept, ‘The Tap’ great idea. I have to see it work. Hello Kitty, really cool, I give That Girl an A+++!!! And yes I’d wear a man ring as long as it has an LED flash light & Wi-Fi along with the blades. ;-)Hay I shop, over $2600.00 at Brooks Brothers last year. “B”