High-Speed Video Gets Affordable with Edgertronic


Edgertronic – An Affordable High-Speed Camera

If you’ve ever enjoyed a super-slow motion video of something like splashing water or a popping balloon, you can thank a high-speed camera. Edgertronic is putting that kind of video making power into more hands with their awesome and affordable camera.

High Speed for High Schoolers

President Obama announced a plan to bring high-speed internet access to 99% of America’s high schools within 5 years. Not sure about that other 1%… but this is good news for students in a global economy. After all, it’s hard to compete with other connected kids, when you aren’t even connected.

GPS Tracker Firing Cannon

StarChase is a system that uses a cannon mounted on a police cruiser that can fire a GPS tracker that will attach to vehicles being pursued. The hope is to make dangerous high-speed chases a thing of the past.

German Tesla S to Get High-Speed Tuning

Elon Musk was over in Germany cruising on the Autobahn and decided that the Tesla Model S needs some extra high-speed tuning, and he’s going to do it for free for German Tesla customers.


  1. Oliver Jensen says

    You will be able to use canon lenses.

    Put lens on canon dslr.
    Select video setting and adjust desired aperture.
    Take of lens without turning of dslr.
    Now the lens is locked with desired aperture and you are good to go.