HMDX Jam Bluetooth Speaker Review

From the creative packaging to the awesome sound inside, the HMDX Jam speaker is an inexpensive way to get some pretty good sound out of a Bluetooth speaker. They come in 6 different colors (or “flavors,”) which include green, purple, red, blue, black, and gold (apple, grape, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry and apricot).

At only $39.99, I strongly believe that the HMDX Jam Bluetooth Speaker is a great alternative and competitor to something like the Jawbone Jambox, which is over 4 times the price! It delivers good sound and is perfect as an inexpensive travel speaker. You can get one here, or almost anywhere speakers like this are sold including Best Buy and Kohl’s!


  1. Rob G says

    Solid 4.5 stars outta 5.
    I use to DJ, have known many a speaker, both large and small.
    have used other bite-sized speakers, but I won’t name drop.
    this IS the best by far, great for park tables, desk top, I even use it in my car to speak to my peoples.
    a smidge over priced but you really don’t mind.
    it’s a great product other than the blutooth squealch from time to time.
    but not to worry, if it really, really bothers you, just plug in the aux port line. perfect clarity.