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Speck Handyshell – $36

We’ve got a lot of cases for our tablets, but without a doubt our favorite by far is the Speck Handyshell for either the full sized or mini iPad. The case has a nice lip that protects the face all around the screen, and a stand on the back that doubles as a handle, and triples as a hook to hang on things. Trust us, if you could only have one case this is the one to get!

Kanex Sydnee 4 Tablet Charger – $89

Charge four tablets or phones at once with the Kanex Sydnee Charger. It puts out 2.1 amps at each port, so you’ll have plenty of juice to keep devices topped up. Check out our review!

Promate VitaQi-S4 – $40

If you’ve got a Galaxy S4, you can replace the back on it with the Promate VitaQi-S4 to take advantage of wireless induction charging on the Qi standard. Check out our review!

Tylt Vu $90 -$100

The Tylt Vu is a neat little induction charging cradle that also uses the Qi charging standard. Check out our review!

Seidio Obex Waterproof Case – $45 – $90

Not only does the Seidio Obex case give your phone protection from occasional brushes with water, it’s got enough room in it to accommodate the Promate charging back which adds a tiny bit of thickness.

OlloClip 3-1 Lens Kit – $69.99

For the iPhone photographer, having a selection of lenses is key to getting that extraordinary shot you can’t do with the default camera lens. The OlloClip is a strikingly simple lens kit that slides onto your phone to give you some great views with the fisheye, wide-angle, or macro lens options. Check out our review!

OlloClip Quick-Flip Case – $49.99

If you are going with the OlloClip for photography, and even if you aren’t, having a case with a tripod mount makes life a lot easier. The Quick-Flip Case gives you not only a pair of tripod mounts for your phone, but also a single cold-shoe mount for a light or microphone. Cleverly, the case also has a sliding corner that rotates to become a shutter button for your phone!

Elago Outfit MATRIX Minimalistic Case – $14

If you want a minimalistic case that keeps the clean and thin look of your iPhone, the Elago is a great look that offers plenty of variety to individualize your phone!

Pad and Quill Little PocketBook Wallet-Case Combo – $55 – $85

The Little PocketBook is a high end wallet/iPhone case combo made of top grain stitched leather with a wood cradle for the phone. It makes a great statement when you pull it out, and it helps to keep all your most important stuff together and organized when you’re mobile. Your phone, license and credit cards. And check out our review!

Opena Case – $40

Want to be the coolest person at the party? Just open a bottle with your Opena iPhone case! Check out our review!

ClamCase Pro iPad Case – $169

Attach the ClamCase Pro keyboard case to your iPad and you’re ready for some serious productivity. And we love the 360-degree hinge that allows all kinds of viewing angles.

TwelveSouth HiRise for iPhone – $34.99

For your iPhone lover who wants a dock that works with just about any case, the TwelveSouth HiRise is a great charging and sync pedestal that adjusts to fit most cases unlike most docks that need a naked phone to work. It simply uses your existing charging cable to charge and sync while showing off your device on your desk. It even works with an iPad Mini!

Motrr Galileo Stand – $120

Just place your iPhone in the Galileo stand and you can tilt and pan, capturing full panoramas, remotely from another device. It’s got a ton of potential applications from video conferencing to just taking really cool scenic pictures!

You can see all our gift suggestions throughout the season at geekbeat.tv/gifts!

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6 Responses

    • Avatar of John P.
      John P.

      As far as I know, the Spec Handyshell is only for iPad and iPad Mini. I don’t think they make them for any Android tablets, though I wish they did!!!

  1. Steve

    The lightning connector version of the Galileo appears to be $150. The one you showed in the video looked to be with a lightning connector, but you stated the 30-pin versions price.

    • Avatar of John P.
      John P.

      The one I have in the video is actually a Bluetooth version. I didn’t even know they had a lightning connector version! But if so, that would be the one I’d actually get!

      John P.

  2. Dave Gregson

    Wow, what an episode. Love the ClamCase, and the Motorr stand. Therapy are so on my Xmas list…
    Good show guys :)
    Dave x