Holiday Gift Guide for the Person Who Has Everything

Justin Bieber Duck Tape – $15

Whether for a teenage girl or as a prank on your 40 year old best friend, the Justin Bieber Duck Tape is a must.

Oakley Airwave GPS-Enabled Ski Goggles – $599

For the person who stays geeky on the slopes, the Oakley Airwave GPS-enabled Bluetooth Ski Goggles with a heads-up display is just the thing.

Kevlar Batman Suit – $1,500

Is a shadowy crimefighter on your list? They should have this exact replica Batman suit from The Dark Knight Rises, made out of Kevlar.

Lost in Space Robot – $25,000

This 6.5-foot remote-controlled animatronic version of the B-9 Robot from Lost In Space has 511 recorded phrases and groans when you remove his power pack.

World’s Most Expensive TV – $130,000

How do you get a TV to cost $130,000? Simple – you frame the screen with 160 diamonds.

Flying Car – $350,000

In 30 seconds this street-legal car will convert into a flying car with a 425-mile range.

Personal Submarine – $2,000,000

This personal submarine will dive to a depth of 1,000 feet so you can hang out with the lantern fish, but shipping might be a deal-breaker as the sub weighs 6,600 pounds.

Solid Gold Speakers – $4,800,000

Not only are they extremely shiny, these golden speakers also have 97 decibel sensitivity and 5 Ohms impedance.

Robotic Flea – Priceless

Maybe your “has everything” gift recipient even has a robotic dog – but does the dog have robotic fleas? Well, now it it can!

Bacon Scarf – $170

Of course, there’s no finer statement of personal style than the bacon scarf.

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