Holiday Gift Guide – Stocking Stuffers

iStabilizer Smartphone Flexible Leg Tripod – $20

The iStabilizer smartphone tripod will make your phone videos will look less like “Blair Witch Project” and more like “Ken Burns”.

LensPen Sidekick – $20

The LensPen Sidekick tablet cleaning system is made by the same company that’s been helping photographers keep their lenses free of smudges and fingerprints – now they’re doing it for tablet and smartphone users!

Angry Birds Stuff – Prices Vary

Also great stocking stuffers are Angry Birds anything – the avians are becoming a merchandising juggernaut.

Screaming Flying Monkey – $5

Screaming flying monkeys are always a big hit here at the Geek Beat offices.

Hillary Clinton Nut Cracker – $15

There are plenty of politically incorrect stocking stuffers available, including the always-popular Hillary Clinton nut cracker.

Barack Obama Countdown Clock – $12

For that forlorn-looking Republican on your list, consider cheering them up with a Barack Obama Countdown Clock which zeroes out at the end of his second term.

Obama Nail Clippers – $9

I have a feeling the President’s supporters and detractors alike will be a bit creeped out by the Obama Nail Clippers.

Obama Pooping Candy Wind-Up Toy – $7

Quite frankly, I don’t know WHAT to make of the Barack Obama wind-up figure that walks around pooping candy.

Gummi Army Men – $3

If you’re on a budget, $3 gets you edible Gummi Army Men!

Farting Santa Travel Pillow – $20

Because we want to end with a touch of class… the Farting Santa Travel Pillow.

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