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Tactical and Bacon-Themed Holiday Stockings

Looking for the right stocking to hang by the chimney with care? How about this tactical design with clips, pockets and straps all over it? Or you could always go with a bacon theme – everything’s better with bacon!

Amazon’s PrimeAir Promises Delivery by Drone

Amazon wants to fill the skies with little robotic delivery drones. Jeff Bezos announced the plan the night before Cyber Monday and PrimeAir has practically become a new internet meme in the time since.

Vuzix M100 Beats Google Glass to Wearable Market

Google Glass still hasn’t launched to the public, but it looks like Vuzix will be coming to you first! And for less – only $1000. It’ll be powered by Android, but connect to your Android or iOS phone. Unfortunately, it has a boring name – the M100.

HondaLink Brings iOS to Your Dashboard

Honda is working on integrating iOS in a way that I’ve been wanting so bad for car manufactures to do! The touchscreen interface will have its own apps, like you see in cars already on the market, but with their new HondaLink, you’ll be able to just mirror what you already have on your phone!

You can see all our gift suggestions throughout the season at geekbeat.tv/gifts!

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  1. Drac

    Problem solved about tilt backpack first JP use a key ring ring then you can put your large carabiner on your backpack. And now the beautiful Cali the slot in the back that you can put on a trolley if you put Velcro on the bottom voila one extra compartment hope this helps.