Homepage Replacements for iGoogle

iGoogle Heads for the Sunset

Last year, Google announced they’d be giving you 16 months to move away from using iGoogle. Well, the time has come and in just over a week, iGoogle will be gone forever.

What’s iGoogle?

Do you love iGoogle, or are you asking, “What’s that?” iGoogle came out in 2005 and it was awesome! It was a customizable homepage. You could have a google search bar and gadgets for your calendar and wikipedia and the weather… whatever you wanted quick access to, all on one page. This way, you never had to leave that one page!


iGHome has pretty much taken over the suggestions for iGoogle alternatives. It’s simple to figure out, giving you a lot of personalization control over the look of your homepage and widgets.


Protopage is one I used to use years ago, and I still really like it. The design is a little cleaner than iGHome, and a little more intuitive.


Symbaloo takes a different and pretty cool approach and gives you a more tile-based visual approach to the customization. Some widgets will open a google search box or recipe finder right in the middle of the page. Others can open the entire website like Netflix so you can watch full screen.


  1. Leire says

    Thanks for the list Cali! One start page that I have been trying is http://startme.com and I like it so far because it has a nice design, it is very easy to use and allows me to have everything I need in a very simple way. One thing I love about it is that you can set it up in many languages so I could recommend it to friends and family in other parts of the world that were looking for one. You should try it!

    • Mcbeese says

      Hi FM – I tried netvibes for a week or so and I didn’t like it. Too rigid. For example, the font size is too small for me.

  2. Mcbeese says

    Hi – I looked around for a while until I discovered the new “My Yahoo”. It’s like a clone of iGoogle… except it’s easier to set up and it looks better. I like it more than iGoogle. Cheers.