How to Install Outdoor Speakers using the Sonos Connect Amp

Some of you may know that John P is moving into a new house with nice hardwood floors and a beautiful pool, but summer just keeps getting closer and closer which can only mean one thing: pool parties!!

But you can’t have a pool party without some awesome jams, so he installed some Yamaha NS-AW350W 2-Way Indoor/Outdoor Speakers via the Sonos Connect Amp and got it all on video for you!


  1. Errol says

    Considered a similar setup for my house, but the running of speaker wire would have been to cumbersome. I ended up purchasing a soundcast outcast jr. with a wireless transmitter that I hook up to my Squeezebox Touch.

    The thing I like most about the outcast jr is its portability. While it spends most of its time out by the pool or on the deck, I have taken it on beach outings and it rocks. The included rechargeable battery lasts a good 6-7hours and the unit gets loud enough to make neighbors complain.