How a Control Tower Keeps an Airline Flying

Keeping an Airline Moving

When a plane lands, it needs to have a ramp assigned so pilots know exactly where to park. People in the tower keep an eye on this whole moving puzzle that involves planes coming in from all over.

Lasers Replacing Marshaling Flags

No more marshaling and wing walking (the guys on the pavement that used to tell the pilots where to move and park). American’s operations at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport now do all that with laser measurements and automated systems.

Tower Manager’s Station

The tower manager keeps an eye on everything, from incoming traffic to weather (even predicting the weather), so that there are no unnecessary delays for flights.

View From the Tower Roof

There’s no view like the one from the roof of the control tower. You can see for twenty miles, across an area the size of Manhattan at DFW.


  1. Bruce R. (BPR639geek) says

    Amazing!!! So complicated, yet so much in control, didn’t look like much talking goes on in the tower, good thing I guess. What I always wondered is what would happen if some or that entire super cool tech goes dark, how would they handle all the AP activities?