How to Create a Google+ Short URL for Promotion!

Tip A Day #18

Lots of people ask me how to get a short URL specifically for their Google+ account. Here’s how…

A Google+ account

Step 1
Open your Google+ profile page. Look at the URL for a long string of numbers, like this:

Step 2
Copy just the numbers.

Step 3
Go to Enter a nickname. Paste in the numbers you copied. Click “Add”.

Now you have your short URL!

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  1. Walter Szymanski says

    I’ve lost track of my shortened Google+ url. How do I pull that shortened url up (so I can safely file it away) and use it?

  2. says

    You can also buy a domain like and have that forward to your Google+ page. Or if you have your own server you can run the opensource short url program YOURLS. This will still involve getting a small url to use with it but it works great! I use YOURLs for all my clients.