How To Create Zip Files

Tip A Day #20

If you’ve been a long time Mac user, you might know this, but I’ve seen lots of people who don’t! Moving or uploading…and then downloading large files is time consuming and frustrating! An easier way to deal with them is to create a Zip File. It’s literally a FOLDER that contains multiple files. When you create a zip, you’re compressing everything into a compressed and more manageable folder. You’re not harming anything or creating degradation, because after you’ve moved it, you UNzip it, and it’ll return everything to it’s original state.

So, first, on a Mac, you have all these files or folders.

Step 1. Highlight everything you want to combine.

Step 2. Right click. Choose Compress.

Step 3. Let it go through its process.

Step 4. And now you have a single file you can upload or move easier! It’ll be named by default, but you can of course rename it.

Now, if you’re on the receiving end of a zip file, just double click it to UNzip and access all the files inside.

Are you a PC user? Well, you go through a similar process: Just select and right click your files or folders. Then, under the “Send To” option, select “Compressed Folder!” Done!

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