How To Download ANY YouTube Video!

Tip A Day #10

It’s super simple to download a video from YouTube.

Option 1: Use a Browser Extension

Chrome or Firefox (PC or Mac)

Step 1
Download the Easy Youtube Video Downloader extension/plugin.

Step 2
Look for the download button under the YouTube video.

Step 3
Choose which video format you want – MP4, AAC, Flash. If in doubt, choose MP4.

Option 2: Use a Website

This works regardless of what browser or OS you use.

Step 1
Add the word “save” to the beginning of the YouTube video’s URL. It should read “

Step 2
This will take you the website. Click “run” or “allow” to let the Java applet to do its magic.

Step 3
Choose your format and wait for the download to finish.

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  1. Gary says

    Hi Cali, I downloaded the youtube downloader extension and now I can’t see or view any you tube videos. I know it not your fault but it is upsetting. I even removed the extension from firefox with no luck. Now what?


  2. Paul O'Rear says

    Love the Mickey Mouse shirt! Did you have to pay royalties to Disney? :o) Oh, and great tip! I’ve been using RealPlayer’s feature that pops up a “Download this video” button whenever I watch a YouTube video. Didn’t know about the “saveyoutube” site. Sounds pretty cool!