How To Get Clearer Pics With Your iPhone Camera

Tip A Day #14

In some circumstances getting a clear shot with your iPhone is a little more challenging than with a regular camera. I recently learned (ok, months ago) a bit of insight that can help get clear pictures with the iPhone.

What I didn’t realize, and some of you may not, is that your iPhone snaps the picture when you take your finger off the virtual button, not when you tap it down.

Undoubtedly that’s by design because when you first press your finger to the screen you’re likely to shake the camera ever so slightly, but that’s all it takes to ruin any picture.

BTW, this also worked with all Android devices we tested.

iPhone now also allows you to snap a pic by pressing down the volume button on the side of the phone when you are in camera mode. However, in that circumstance, it does snap the picture when you press it down.

BTW, this little iPhone insight courtesy of Scott Kublin.

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  1. EclipseGc says

    I have shaky hands and have known about this “solution” for a long time (works at least as far back as the original 3G), that being said, Camera+ is a relatively inexpensive app and has a burst mode that I find invaluable for capturing children. In fact the biggest problem with this solution is the volume of photos I have to sift back through, but it’s well worth the effort and has gotten me a ton of photos I would have NEVER caught any other way. A recent update for it allows it to use the volume + button as well, and this makes getting bursts of photos very very easy. I can’t suggest it enough for anyone who has this issue.


  2. Henry Escolano says

    You can also use the iPhone headset as a remote switch. Pushing the volume button on the headset also snaps the picture.

  3. says

    For those Windows Phone users, when you press down on the camera button the picture is taken. However, on my Nokia Lumina 900, if I half way hold down the camera button it will auto focus the picture, press it the rest of the way down and it will snap the pic.