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Tip A Day #15

Here’s an easy way to manage multiple logins to web services or apps without having to log in and log out constantly!

Fluid App

Step 1
Download and Open Fluid

Step 2
Enter the URL for whatever site you want to create a separate app for.

Step 3
Choose whether to use the site’s Favicon as an icon or create your own.

Step 4
NOT MENTIONED IN THE VIDEO: Choose preferences and choose to separate cookies from Safari, that way it really can stand on its own.

That’s it! I’ve created many apps like this to keep my Gmail and Google+ logins completely separate.

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2 Responses

  1. gerry

    I use 1Password. Log into it and click on any web entry to open a browser window and 1Password automagically logs in for you :-)

  2. john conway

    “Which we will cover separately” ie for windows. Another Tip of the Day for Windows?
    Tip of the Day using IPad or Phone to scan negatives has been all the rage in my family. My 25 year old nephew is using a photo of his great grandfather on his Facebook profile. He never saw the photo because it never existed as a paper image, in his lifetime, until the scan and printing. Thanks you sooooo much.. I would love to post some of the images scanned and printed. GeekBeat scan and printed.com. Maybe a Facebook page for lovers of the technique.