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Find Lost Windows and Put Them Back on the PC Desktop

Tip A Day #5

When you’re working with multiple monitors, sometimes windows can get lost in the shuffle – but here’s an easy way to bring them back.

This is for PC only guys, stay tuned for Mac tips!

Step 1
Open desired window.
Use Alt+Tab if needed to select the appropriate window through the menu system.

Step 2
Use Alt+Tab to engage Move mode.

Step 3
Use the arrow keys, either left, right, up or down until your window appears.
Usually moving the mouse after pressing an arrow key will give you direct control over the window.

And that’s it! What once was lost is now found again! Thanks for checking out Tip a Day!

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6 Responses

  1. Kevin

    Step 2 should say “Use Alt+Space+M to engage Move mode.”

  2. Shawn Weisfeld

    Great tip, as an alternative you can also: select the app in the task bar and then use the “windows” key and then right and left arrows and it will jump over instead of moving it pixel by pixel.

  3. Flemming

    That was actually very helpful.. :-) I have been there, and didnt know what to do!