How to Quickly Chill a Hotel Drink (Water, Coke or Beer) for FREE!

Tip A Day #4

When you’re traveling and your hotel room doesn’t have a refrigerator, how can you cool MULTIPLE drinks at once? The small bucket for ice is too small in most cases to do more than one bottle. Here’s how you can be more efficient…

Plastic bag

Step 1
Grab a plastic bag. Make sure it doesn’t have a hole in it!

Step 2
Fill the bag (about 2/3) with ice from the hotel’s ice machine.

Step 3
Add as many drinks as the bag will hold. Add a bit of water to speed up the cooling process.

That’s it! Now you’re able to move the bag and drinks out of the way if you need to use the sink. Just be sure to put the bag back just in case it starts to leak….

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  1. Ace says

    Are you kidding me with this? If you couldn’t figure this out your not a geek but, a very slow learner.

  2. says

    While this is a great tip, I will add something to do: fill it with ice, then, making sure the bottle or can (can’s work better because aluminum is a better conductor than glass) is immersed in the ice, slowly start to spin it. You can easily cool a can of pop or beer in under 5 minutes to the mid 30’s (refrigerator temps).

    PRO TIP: If you have some standard table salt, throw that in there as well and achieve your results in 2/3 the time.