How To Record Video and Audio Skype Calls

Tip a Day #19

Wanna do interviews or record those Skype calls for training purposes or to record split screen interviews? You’ve probably seen them on Andrew Warner’s Mixergy, I used them on Relentless Business and they’re about a million other places now.

In most instances what you are seeing has been recorded with Ecamm’s “Call Recorder” software.

Call Recorder is Mac-only app and costs just $19.95 on There is a free demo version as well.

Windows users might want to check out Evaer. We’ll do a tip on that one later.

Once you’ve purchased the software just download and install.

To start recording Skype calls:

  1. Fire up Skype and start a call, you can do video or audio. Call Recorder will also launch when you launch Skype.
  2. Next you’ll want to check your Skype preferences. Go to the menu Skype > Preferences > Recording and make sure you select the Audio and Video devices you want to use.
  3. Leave Audio uncompressed.
  4. Video Encoding you might have to play with, I’ve been getting the best results with .jpeg though you might want to use one of the more standard formats like h.264.
  5. Video Image size 640×480 and Video Frame Rate should be “Maximum”
  6. Under Recording Options > Record Video “Split Screen” then change the folder to where you want to automatically save videos.
  7. The other checkboxes are pretty self explanatory.
  8. Once you’re in a call, just hit the “Record” button on “Call Recorder” and you’ll be off and running.

Now remember, you need to let people know when you’re recording them. No sneaky stuff or you might get in trouble. The laws vary by state as to whether you have to have consent when recording a call but I’d always make sure the other party knows you’re recording so you’ll be in the clear.

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