How To: Share from Google Reader to Sites Other than Google+

Google Reader Sharing

Google updated their popular Google Reader software recently and the reaction to the new version has been loud. Some people (such as myself) like it. Others are justifiably upset at the loss of features they used to use. One feature that I’ve heard complaints about is the ability to share to sites other than Google+.

Default Send To

The new update does make it look a lot like you can only share to Google+, but thankfully that’s only an illusion. You CAN share elsewhere, and it’s not difficult to do. Let’s run down the steps.

  • In Google Reader, go to Settings. That’s the white cog wheel in the upper right corner of the black bar.
  • The settings page has a row of options across the top. Go to “Send To.”
  • There’s a long list of sites preconfigured that you can select, including fan favorites Twitter, Facebook, Instapaper and Reddit. Select the ones you want.
That’s it! You’ll now find a Send To… option at the bottom of articles in Reader, and you’re good to go.

Custom Send To

But wait, what if the site you want to share stuff to isn’t included in that list? It is possible to set up other sites, but that gets a little more technical. My own Reader is set up to send to Evernote and Pinboard if I want to, so let’s use Evernote as an example.

Google Reader Sharing Custom SitesYou can see Google themselves provide instructions right there on the page. You need 3 pieces of information; the Name of the site, which is easy enough; the URL to the site, which must be formatted correctly to allow Reader to send things to it, and that’s the tricky bit, and the Icon URL, which is optional but nice to have.

The easiest way to get the URL you’ll need is to find it on the Internet. Lots of people have custom Send Tos set up for Reader for various sites. It’s not always possible to guess at the URLs used, so if you search and can’t find what you need, your best next bet is to contact the site and see if they can help you with it.

It’s a bit of a pain, I admit, but thankfully Google has most of the popular sites set up already.

The Google+ Proxy

One last option is to take advantage of Reader’s new Google+ sharing itself. If you +1 an item on Google+ from within Reader, you’re given the ability to share the item to Google+. All of the Google+ sharing options apply, including those I wrote about some time back that let you share to sites like Evernote which allow posting by email.

This is a really handy ability that I wouldn’t discount; it’s because of this that I never bother using my custom Send To links anymore. If I want to send something to Evernote, I send it to G+ and my Evernote circle, which contains nothing but my custom Evernote posting email address.

Do you still use custom Reader Send To links? Found any cool ones? Let us know in the comments!


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    Wait, how about sites NOT in Google Reader —how do you share those to Google Reader i.e. tags? With the old “Note in Reader” bookmarklet you could find a link from a tweet, open the article in a browser then use Note in Reader to share it with a Google Reader tag. Every tag had its own RSS feed which could be pulled into an infinite variety of places (a company intranet, group of subscribers, etc). That’s ALL GONE. Everything now must come from within Google Reader in order to share to a tag. The only workaround is to switch to Instapaper (limited to about ten items on its RSS feed).