How You Can Help Build a Tesla Museum

Nikola Tesla.  If there was a patron saint of geeks, this import from Smiljan, Croatia, creator of modern AC power, and pioneer in radio technology would be it.  Tribute to him has come in the form of half a bazillion Tesla coil shows, an electric car company, a heavily fictionalized Tesla character for the television show Sanctuary, and in my unashamedly biased opinion, the finest band to ever grace rock n’ roll.

One group wants to buy his old lab in Shoreham, New York and preserve it for future use as the Nikola Tesla Science Center.  Here’s the catch, there’s another potential bidder who wants turn the site into a strip mall.  If the group can come up with $1.7 million they can get the property. Half of the money will be matched by a State of New York grant, but the other half is up to you.

They have started an Indiegogo campaign called Let’s Build a Goshdarn Tesla Museum.  Okay, the official name is a tad more salty, but this is a family show, and Cali would kill me if I put the unabridged version up.  As of now they have $385,000 of a $850,000 goal.  As someone with a history background, I would really like to see this get off the ground.  If you share this vision, please donate if you can.  If you won the powerball jackpot last night, come on, this is like pocket change to you now.


Looks like the person behind this campaign is none other Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal.  Here is the link to his blog post.


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    Anyone that’s subscribed to the Netflix streaming service should watch ‘The Secret of Nikola Tesla’. It’s sort of a strange movie but I thought it was pretty good. There also a couple of other documentaries about Tesla but unfortunately they’re only available by DVD, not streaming.