HTC Announces One E8

It wasn’t all that long ago that HTC announced its metal clad HTC One M8. Now they’re at it again with a new member of the HTC One family, the HTC One E8. This new phone shares a lot of the features of the M8, but brings its own twist.

At first glance, the E8 is a more colorful version of the M8. They share the same screen, CPU, RAM, battery, storage, HTC’s motion launch, front facing 5MP wide-angle camera, and the front facing Boom Sound speakers. From the front, the two phones are nearly identical. The difference here is a new polycarbonate body. Yes, this One is plastic, featuring what HTC calls a dual curve design. You can get that plastic in white, dark grey, red, or blue. Also different is the rear camera. The dual UltraPixel camera has been replaced by a more conventional 13 sensor with an LED flash in a position you’d expect to find the second camera.

The HTC One E8 will ship in June in its initial markets. Pricing was not available. What do you guys think of the new HTC One E8? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: HTC