HTC Launches HTC One M8 For Windows Phone


Love the HTC One M8, but would prefer to have Windows Phone 8.1? You wish has been granted. HTC today announced the aptly named HTC One M8 for Windows. From the specifications, operating systems aside, the Windows Phone appears to be identical to the Android version. Same screen, same Snapdragon 801 chip, same UltraPixel Duo camera, same amplified front facing speakers. It even has a version of the HTC Advantage program. Obviously it does’t need a guarantee for the latest Android version, but the screen replacement component remains. If you want the full feature set, you can read our post on the Android version released earlier this year.

Where the two phones differ is obviously the OS. The Windows version has all the features of the latest Windows Phone 8.1 release including the Cortana virtual personal assistant and the updated Live Titles interface. Since there are no custom skins in Windows Phone, you will have a largely stock OS experience. However, that means that most features unique to the latest version of HTC sense will not be present in the Windows Phone M8.

The HTC One M8 for Windows ships tomorrow as a Verizon exclusive. The phone comes in 32GB with a dark brushed metal finish for $599 off contract. That equates to $199 with 2yr contract and $29.99/mo on Verizon’s Edge


Looks like the word “exclusive” doesn’t mean what it used to. Just hours after the HTC One M8 for Windows was announced as a Verizon exclusive, chief rival AT&T has announced plans to carry the phone as well, though at a later date. This suggests that Verizon has a timed window of exclusively. If you want more information on the AT&T version, you can find it at this link.

Update 2

T-Mobile has confirmed by a signup page that it will also be getting the phone at a later date.

Source: HTC