HTC One Introduced and Already Cloned

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Russian Meteor Weighed 10,000 Tons

NASA is now saying that meteor that exploded over Russia didn’t weigh 10 tons… it’s actually more like 10,000 tons, making it the biggest meteor to fall to earth in a century.

Goodbye Hotmail, Hello Outlook.Com

You may have heard that Hotmail is being retired to be replaced with mail through Now, The new service has begun taking signups.

HTC One Introduced and Instantly Cloned

The HTC One was rolled out today and there’s already a clone version out there – the GooPhone One.

IMDB iOS App Adds Amazon Support

The iOS app for IMDB has added support for going directly to the movie you’re reading about on Amazon Instant Video.

TubeRank Helps You Plan Your Next Viral Video

Wondering how to get your next YouTube video to go viral? The insights provided by TubeRank could help.

Burger King and Jeep Hacked on Twitter

The week’s off to a bad start for big companies on social media as both Burger King and Jeep have been hacked on Twitter.