Hyperkin Powerplus for Nintendo 3DS Review

One of the major complaints that came to surface when the Nintendo 3DS hit shore shelves originated from the short battery life. Depending on the settings you play with, you can get anywhere from 5 to 9 hours. No matter what kind of play time you’re getting with your 3DS, Hyperkin has created the Powerplus in an attempt to double that, getting really close with their awesome attachment.

The device is simple. It snaps onto the back of the 3DS and has a simple on and off switch. There are 4 LEDs which light up to show how much power remains in the external battery. It’s a simple design but it works well. My only gripe with the Powerplus is the square piece that sticks out of the device. It makes it uncomfortable to hold in your pocket. Other than that, it feels great and provides extra grip if you have larger hands.

You can find the 3DS Powerplus for 15 bucks on Amazon and, at that price, it’s a great add-on if you have long time gaming sessions or need extra power for travelling.