Hyundai/Kia Announce Google Maps Integration

googlemapsGoogle Maps is the most used and respected mapping solution out there right now.  You can get it on your computer, you can get on your Android phone, you can now get it on your iPhone again, and soon you can get it in your Sonata.  Wait, what’s that last one again?  Yep, Korean automaker Hyundai is adding it to its cars in the U.S.

Hyundai, and its subsidiary Kia, will both be integrating the Google Maps and Google places APIs into their Blue Link and UVO telematics systems.  They will also be using Send-to-Car services, local searching, and even a voice search mode.  So far, the only announced model is the 2014 Kia Sorento CUV.  Hyundai will be holding an event on January 10, at 11 AM PST, at CES in Las Vegas.  We’ll have more news for you on this soon.

Google also noted a relationship with German automakers Mercedes Benz and Audi as well as California’s Tesla Motors.  It’ll be interesting see where Google Maps integration goes from here.

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