IFA 2011: First Look at the Samsung NX200

The NX200 is the second new model from Samsung’s announcement today here at IFA in Berlin, Germany. See the MV800 and WB750 for more.

During the short time we’ve had with these cameras, I’ve used the NX200 the most because it’s just SO much fun and it takes very satisfying pictures. For me, and probably the rest of the world, the selling point here is the interchangeable lenses. I used a variety of lenses, though for now, prices of the additional lenses have not been released. You’ll be able to get the camera, on camera flash and the 18-55mm lens for about $900.

Samsung NX200 – The Stats

The NX200 takes 20.3 megapixel stills with its APS-C CMOS sensor. With its Fast Boot feature, it’ll take pictures at seven frames per second and cuts the time you have from shot to shot to 400ms. Other features include the Smart Filter and Smart Panel, where you can easily customize your settings.

The camera does have the ability to shoot in RAW format, however it’s a Samsung proprietary RAW, and as of now, there’s no converter available, which essentially means you can shoot in RAW, but you’d have to wait for an unknown date to convert.

Bottom Line

If you’re the type of photographer who loves portability but wants to have more flexibility with different lenses, this seems like a great option so far.

As I said, I’ve really been enjoying it. You’ll be able to lay your hands on it sometime in Q4 this year, and I’ll be doing a full review at a later date when I’ve had more time with it.

Samsung NX200 Sample and Product Photos


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    Thanks, Cali,
    for this First Look at the Samsung NX200 at the IFA in Berlin, Germany.
    Also thanks for the great pictures you made with it.

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