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iPort LaunchPortHaters of recharging cables rejoice! the emerging promised land of cordless power, inductive charging, is coming to the iPad. But it won’t be cheap.

iPort has announced the LaunchPort charging and mounting system for the iPad 2. The system requires the PowerShuttle case, priced at $149 USD, and the BaseStation and WallStation charging mounts, each $199 USD. So, at minimum, you’re looking at almost $350 for a complete system, $550 if you want both types of mounts. If you’re still on board after those prices, it does look like a pretty nice system that gives both charging and a good mount/stand option. In addition to the normal advantages of putting an iPad in a case (and the inductive charging), the PowerShuttle also provides an acoustic wave guide giving the iPad speaker some unpowered amplification.

This is really more in the home automation line, than stand-alone gadget world, as the wall mounted option requires an installer to run wiring to it behind the wall. But once it’s there, you’ll be able to run standard home automation apps like light and climate control from the wall mounted iPad. Availabilty is expected in Q4 2011.

(via eCoustics)

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2 Responses

  1. Vectre

    It will e interesting to see how many apple fanboys will see this as a ‘must have’ accessory when this feature was deprecated when you pointed out the TouchPad had it.

  2. jpt

    So, an iPad + $350 (plus massive bulk) = Touchpad + $80 Touchstone dock?