Innergie Pocket Cell Review

This review is going to be simple: the Innergie Pocket Cell is a fantastic external battery that provides enough juice for any of your devices thanks to an extraordinary cable!

The cable is 3-in-1, featuring micro-USB, mini-USB and an iPhone connection. It helps the battery decide how much juice to give your device – which means it can charge any thing you can throw at it (as long as it supports the proper connection.) The cable is also fast enough to allow iPhone syncing through it – which is noteworthy as some third-party cables have trouble with that.

At the price-point of $79.99 (and less at Amazon), it’s hard to beat the Innergie Pocket Cell. It has a small form-factor that easily fits in my pocket and even when I used to have a really difficult phone, it provided me with power (as chronicled in our Innergie video from CES). I’ve been nothing but pleased with it.


  1. Nilay Shah says

    With any external battery review – I NEED to know the milliamps of power stored in the battery. Without that information, the review is useless.

    Looking for the “pocket cell” on the site, I couldn’t even find that product! However, I did see that fantastic cable for $20.

  2. says

    Would like to get this, but with the iphone 5 coming out, I may need to wait because of the smaller pin connector that is predicted.