Internet Service from Balloons: Google’s Project Loon

Making an Internet for Everyone

According to the latest calculations, for every person on Earth who has access to fast, affordable internet, there are two people who don’t. Google is working on a plan to change that.

A Network of Balloons

Project Loon proposes internet service provided by a network of balloons that hang in the air over 60,000 feet up – well above commercial air traffic. The research team is currently testing the project in New Zealand

A Lot of Questions

The team hopes to answer questions about ways to keep the balloons in the correct locations, and keeping solid connections with ground stations, as well as legal issues concerning airspace over various countries.


  1. Doug Jackson says

    Someone started a Linkin discussion on the Behavioral Health group today that suggested this would be a way to provide behavioral health services (tele-medicine) to rural areas that currently lack internet service. Someone quickly responded that providing mental health services via a service named Project Loon might discourage participation.