Intoxicase for iPhone Review

Don’t go thirsty at a party again with one of these bottle-opening iPhone cases from Spicebox! Both cases are designed for the iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S. Made out of polycarbonate, these cases provide a protective backing to the iPhone without hindering its functionality. The camera, volume buttons, silence toggle switch, and connection port are all accessible with either case on, and you have a bottle opener to boot!

The Intoxicase

Intoxicase iPhone CaseThe original Intoxicase ($35 through Spicebox’s online store) features an integrated stainless steel bottle opener that’s always at the ready to open an ice cold brewski. Aside from providing the ability to open your favorite beverage of choice with the iPhone, the flat, slightly rubberized finish to the case is my personal favorite feature. It gives extra grip to the iPhone as opposed to just the bare glass backing.

The Intoxicase Plus

Intoxicase PlusThe Intoxicase Plus ($45) is the thinner of the two cases since the stainless steel bottle opener actually folds out on a hinge with a quick flick of the thumb. This definitely gives the case a kind of “cool” appeal while at parties. With a quick flourish you can whip out your phone and transform it before your friends’ eyes into a bottle opener. My friends on multiple occasions always did a double-take when they realized I opened my beverage with my iPhone. The smooth, hard finish on the back of the case is my only real criticism. This type of finish makes the iPhone a little easy to slip out of the hand if you don’t have a firm grasp on it.

The Intoxicase App

Spicebox has even developed a free Intoxicase iPhone app to compliment their line of cases. With it you can track how many beers you’ve opened, what brand of beers you opened, and how many gallons of beer consumed since you started using the app. Aside from these entertainment-based features, the app also provides two useful features. The “Split Home” portion of the app uses the iPhone’s GPS to find local taxi services in your area so you can call a cab in case you’ve had one too many. You can also use the “Park Here” feature that will keep track of where you parked your car and navigate you back to your vehicle in case you get lost during your late night adventures around the bars.

The Bottom Line

These are both great cases if you’re looking for a protective hard case for your iPhone 4 or 4S that doubles as a bottle opener. Both are sure to spark conversation with others when in a social setting, whether it’s in use or just sitting on the table. The Intoxicase app is entertaining and, although a portion of the app is actually useful, the novelty value can wear off quickly. Even though the Intoxicase Plus is thinner than its brethren, I find myself favoring the original Intoxicase design as it provides the same bottle-opening functionality while also giving extra grip to the phone. Starting at just $35 to have a bottle opener on your iPhone, either case is a good choice to protect your phone while opening your favorite brew.

As always, please drink responsibly.