Introducing the Geek Beat Edition Plinth Tablet Stand!

Exciting news for tablet users! Our friend John who is running the Plinth tablet stand over on Kickstarter is making a special Geek Beat edition! And YOU can get one too!!!

If you haven’t heard of the Plinth, here’s a video we did just based on a 3D printed version of the stand.

It’s one of the coolest little pieces of engineering ever! And now there is one with Geek Beat’s name all over it! And don’t worry everyone, we ASKED John to make one like this, and told him it was super-cool to sell all over the place. 😉 There’s no revenue share required and no money changing hands – because then he’d have to up the price to pass it along to YOU, our beloved community!

Head on over to the Plinth Kickstarter page and get your order in now!!!

Oh, and one other thing. We love the Plinth so much – I’m buying 100 of them! They are going to be in the care packages for our $50+ Patrons that we’ll be sending out in the not too distant future. 😀