Introduction to Mirrorless Photography

Can I tell you how excited I am to be here on GeekBeat? Very excited! Very excited, very excited, very excited, very excited! :)

I am a pro photographer turned photo technology integration geek (and darned proud of it) that helps all kinds of companies and all kinds of people cure their photo+video hiccups.

The new breed of mirrorless cameras are not only easy to learn, affordable, intelligently automated, and fun to use, but they are poised to replace the big ole DSLR as we know it at the top of the imaging food chain. We call it the “Migration to Mirrorless” and it will bring you better, easier, faster photos and videos using stunning new technologies. No kidding. Take a few minutes to watch this video I made for you and see what I see as the fascinating future of making and sharing really cool pictures.

Looking forward – waaay forward – to sharing with you.


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      Hi Donutz! I am so nice and busy with all this mirrorless content creation that I cannot respond any more than I am doing, so I’m afraid to add Google+ for fear I’ll get questions there that I cannot answer. Stinks right? I’ll try to hop in there in the Fall. Thanks for the question buddy, much appreciated.