Invasion of the Web Zombies!

HotMail Becomes Outlook.Com

Hotmail has been around since 1996 and has been showing its age. But now Microsoft has brought it back from the dead as

New Life for MySpace

Once one of the hottest spots on the web, MySpace was cooled down considerably by the arrival of Facebook. Now it’s making a comeback with an emphasis on music.

The Return of Digg

Google once considered buying Digg for $200 million, but the company sold for a mere $500 thousand last month. Can a make over save this once-proud site?

Preordered Nexus Q Devices Will Be Free

The Nexus Q will be shipping late due to some last-minute reworking, but if you pre-ordered, you’ll be getting one free.

Verizon to Allow Tethering Apps

Following an F.C.C. ruling, Verizon will allow downloads of tethering apps via Google Play so users can avoid the $20 monthly tethering fee.

FreedomPop Sleeve

Want to give your iPod Touch some 4G freedom? The FreedomPop Sleeve is a 4G hotspot built into a case.


  1. Dick says

    Thanx for the post Jon. I appreciate honest feedback. The issue and feedback I gave wasn’t all that bad considering the far swing you took on this episode. I enjoy this TECH show and the talented way in which it is presented. I do not enjoy the language and plugs you placed here. I understand your position, I applaud your work and dedication, but there are still lines and I think you crossed it for this show. Keep doing what you do, it’s obviously working, but where else would we be if we didn’t check on our progress, or lack thereof.

  2. says

    On a lighter note – I like the show – in all its forms… I think all the joking around, whether Cali or John P., adds a human factor to the show – so it’s not just the standard, smile and cover the latest tech stories…

    Also, to John P who asked – what’s a good Netflix series to watch – I would highly recommend “White Collar” (USA Network) and “The Glades” (A&E network)

    Before I dropped cable network access – I watched a few episodes of “White collar” – it didn’t interest me much then – however – now with Netflix streaming – I watched about a half a dozen White Collar episodes in a short time – then I was hooked – this is a great show – I continued to watch via Netflix streaming, the remaining of season 1, then season 2… Then I got a little disappointed because White collar season 3 was not available via Netflix streaming – but Netflix had Season 3 via DVD discs

    White collar Season 3 is very popular – and there is a long wait to get the first disc. While waiting, I found the show “The Glades” – it also had season 1&2 available with Netflix streaming – so again I watched the first 5 or 6 episodes, and liked it enough to watch all of season 1&2 episodes through Netflix streaming

    I am still waiting for the Season 3 “White collar” first DVD disc from Netflix. When is Netflix going “all” streaming – not soon enough for me!

    Joe P.

  3. Dick says

    Thats professional…please do the show without all the sarcasm and cursing…oh, the other comments that were here? I’ve sent the screenshot on to someone who cares…ooooooo you are getting red!

    • Profile photo of John P. says

      Dear Dick,

      When you say “that’s professional”, are you referring to your previous comment being removed by a moderator? No problem, here’s the choice part. You said,

      I am shocked that he gets away with what he does…and frankly, I’m glad I’m not there to see his wicked temper…(diva complex).

      Our team routinely deletes negative and spammy content, because neither have a place on our site. It is our site after all.

      Having said that, I’ll address your comments because you seem intent on having your say.

      1. I’m the CEO of this company. So don’t be shocked. Like any CEO, I can literally do anything I want.
      2. What in the world gave you the impression I have a “wicked temper”? Seriously? Please share a link to something that supports that claim.
      3. I’m 42. You are the first person who ever described me with the words “diva complex”. Are you referring to the FAKE ACTING I was doing in the show, bossing Dave Curlee around? (My acting must have been better than I thought.) You didn’t get that it was a joke? The whole script was silly.

      Here’s the deal. Tens, or hundreds, of thousands of people watch every single episode of Geek Beat. Cali, our whole team, and I, appreciate this more than you can ever know. And in every single video we get diametrically opposing comments:

      • Cali, you look fat!
      • Cali, you’re so hot!
      • I hate that John P!
      • John P. is the greatest!

      There is literally – not figuratively – no way to please everyone. And we talk about it all the time. In fact, it’s hard to go stand in front of the camera every day knowing no matter what you say, do, or how you look, someone is going to criticize you. So you know how we deal with it?


      So you love Cali. Fantastic! I love her 100 times more than you do! She’s my partner. And you and I know she’s better than me, nicer than me, and just about everything else. But believe it or not, some people actually prefer me… go figure.

      We’ve got a team of 50 people behind Geek Beat. I’m proud of the contributions of every single one! We’ve put out over 500 episodes in 2 years along with hundreds of episodes of other shows we do as well. I promise, you aren’t going to like all of them. No one is. It’s ok!

      So, I hope you’ll stick around because you get Cali the vast majority of the time anyway. And when you see episodes featuring me, just skip them!

      I do too.

      John P.