Invasion of the Robots!

Quickey Multi-Tool Goes Geek Beat!

First up, you guys know John P. always keeps a pocket knife with him – except when he’s going on planes. But anyway, I like to have a tool with me too, just not one so… lethal. Luckily, so do the folks behind this Indiegogo project!

The Quickey Multi-Tool looks like a key, and fits on your key ring, but it’s so much more… It has a bottle opener on it, a screwdriver tip, a sort-of serrated edge that isn’t REALLY sharp, and it can be used for all kinds of stuff! Better yet, its only $9! Better still, you can get this skull version for $15. Best of all… for our top contributing Patrons we supported the project to the tune of $1,000 and you guys will be getting a special Geek Beat edition as soon as they get them to us!

GeekBeat.TV/Patrons will get you to the donation page, and we appreciate every single dollar you can spare!

Keeping Mr Pow Charger Happy

Lots of you sent the Mr Pow charger my way. It’s not really a robot, but looks kind of like one. It’s very simple – it’s a 3500mAh portable battery with one USB port that you can take with you anywhere and keep your phones and tablets full and ready at all times. But what sets it apart from others is the smiley and frowny faces it makes. When it’s fully charged, it’ll look elated! When it’s 50%, it’ll be a little stern as a warning. And he’ll go all grouchy when he doesn’t have any charge left. It’s available for pre-order at 25 pounds.

Cherro Power Plus Batteries are Adorable!

Reminds me of the Cherro Power Plus batteries we’ve been playing with. They have a little robot face. You press his mouth and the eyes light up to show you it has a charge. They’re adorable and work great! They come in many different sizes.

Oh! That reminds me! On Friday, we unboxed a package from Cheero. I thought it was going to be new batteries, but it was even better! A little robot with a stand that lights up! It definitely has a spot on my desk with my robot collection!

TinkerBots Get Kids Building Robots

Speaking of robots… there’s an Indiegogo campaign going on right now for the TinkerBots. OMG, I want! The idea behind it is to keep kids learning about robotics and technology while THINKING they’re playing with a toy. I was really relieved when I heard in their video that it’s for the whole family. Because I want it and I don’t even have kids! You snap together pieces like the Twister, Pivot, Motor and Grabber – all part of their patented kinetic and passive piecemeal system called PowerBrain. You can get kits starting at $159 to start you off. It’s already at $120,000 out of their $100k goal. And there are 40 days left. The only question is….do I get the Animal Set or the Sensoric MEGA set??

Dropcams Land at the New Building

Things are coming along at the new building, by the way! You asked for it, Dropcam made it happen. We have four brand new Dropcams throughout the building so you can see the renovations as they’re going on. Just go to


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    Speaking of batteries… Have you guys seen one of these? Rockford 400A Pocket Vehicle Jump Starter, Laptop & USB Backup Power Supply #RFDPPJS2976DLX
    A friend of mine has one, says that it works very well.