iPavement Puts Wi-Fi Hotspots in Sidewalk

NBC’s Facebook Games

NBC-Universal is bringing their Games Network to social media through Facebook Connect.

iPavement’s Hotspots in Sidewalks

iPavement is putting Wi-Fi hotspots in sidewalks in Spain to give better connectivity when people are out and about.

MIT is Improving Glass

Researchers at MIT have developed a nano-texture enhanced glass that’s fog-free, glare-free, and self-cleaning. They say this will be a great material for solar panels.

NFC Meets Beer in KegDroid

Google engineers have fitted a Xoom tablet to beer kegs for a KegDroid that confirms identity with near field communication, then pours your favorite beverage based on saved preferences.

Panasonic Hair Washing Robot

The Head Care Robot from Panasonic has landed in salons and it’s getting rave reviews from customers.