iPhone 5 Funnies

Conan O’Brien’s Intern

Conan sends an intern out to pick up an early release iPhone 5 — and he runs into a little trouble.

Jimmy Kimmel’s “New iPhone 5”

People were shown an iPhone 4S and told it was an iPhone 5. They thought it was a HUGE improvement.

Rapping Through an iPhone Event

This YouTube user did a rap interpretation of an iPhone event and the array of features.

The Perfect Phone to Take Pictures of Food

This video imagines an iPhone made for what people do most often with it – take pictures of food.

Steve Jobs Back from the Dead

Mondo Media brings Steve Jobs back from the dead in a politically incorrect, Not Safe for Work masterpiece de resistance.

Bonus: Amazon Wendell

Looking for something cheaper than the Amazon Kindle? The Amazon Wendell might be just right.


  1. Bob C. says

    Nothing whatsoever John. I put the link in there because I thought it germane to the topic at hand, APPLE & the new IPHONE. Personally, I have no use for that damn phone, which makes me wonder why I watched that episode at all. Habit probably, or perhaps I was just in the mood for some flagellation via your cloying, bobble-headed act.

    • Profile photo of John P. says


      The best thing about being John P. is – I don’t give a damn!

      But what the hell does that link you stuck in the comments have to do with my annoyingness?