iPhone Boom Mic Will Help Your Next Video Epic Sound its Best

Are you a member of that growing legion of iPhone videographers? if so, you may have noticed that it’s sometimes tricky to get good quality sound with the iPhone’s built-in microphone. At Livid Lobster, one of our main pieces of advice to shooters of video (even with dedicated cameras) is to use an external microphone. The sound quality improvement is always worth it. But that gets a little tricky sometimes when shooting with a phone.

Photojojo (an amazing source of camera gadgetry, by the way) would like you to meet the iPhone Boom Mic, an external mic that can help you get clearer sound from your subject while filtering out all that unwanted background noise. The mic attaches to the top of the phone with an adaptable clamp that allows it to fit over a case. The connection is made through the device’s headphone jack, and the mic has two settings, close up and distant recording. Power is supplied by an included AAA battery and the mic is compatible with the iPod Touch, iPad, a 3GS, 4, and 4S iPhones. The price is $40 at Photojojo.