iTunes 11 Gets Facelift and More iCloud Integration

iTunes 11 Gets a Makeover

After a bit of a delay, iTunes 11 is now available for download, bringing with it a redesigned interface, and stronger ties to cloud storage.

Google Upgrades Their Maps

Google Maps now has navigation through sunny Mexico and the icy Canadian Arctic.

Daniel Radcliffe Chooses Google+

Daniel Radcliffe, the actor known for Harry Potter, has chosen Google+ for his first foray into the social world.

Baby is Named “Hashtag”

Speaking of social media, it was probably only a matter of time before someone named their child “hashtag”. It’s happened in England.

Disney Developing Interactive Animatronic Robot

Disney has mashed up the Animatronics we’ve seen at their theme parks with Microsoft’s Kinect, added some new software, and voila! A robot that can play catch and juggle balls with visitors.

Bacon-Scented Shaving Cream

Bacon-scented shaving cream has been released just in time for Christmas!