Ivy-Covered Buildings May Be the Look of Energy Independence

solar ivyOne undeniable thing about solar panels on a building – they look like solar panels. And often aren’t that attractive. Until now. Solar Ivy is a printed film photovoltaic cell available in a variety of shapes, colors and efficiencies. solar ivy close upThe idea is to array the leaves across a structure in such a way that they look like natural ivy-like growth while producing up to four watts of electricity per leaf. The shapes are small and adaptable enough that they can even be used to render a logo on the side of an office building. So, in a few years your favorite ivy-covered building may be leading the march off the power grid.

(via Red Ferret)


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    Thanks Dave for writing this interesting article.

    This kind of new technology would be great with older, listed buildings where it would be hard to get a permit for conventional solar panels. This way new and renewable energy would be available to a lot more people depending on the price though.

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