Janetter Review: New TweetDeck Alternative for Windows and Mac

Janetter for Windows and Mac

Since the #newnewtwitter launched, many have interpreted it as a disruption. Twitter for iPhone and Android received updates which lowered ratings in their respective App Stores. If that isn’t enough change, TweetDeck was also stripped of some functionality in the new release.

A TweetDeck Alternative

Twitter wants everyone to use their native apps, but it won’t be a smooth process. I found a neat TweetDeck alternative called Janetter. It runs on both Windows and Mac, and has a pretty large helping of features. Some are probably holding on dearly to the Adobe Air version of TweetDeck until it stops working, but you may want to give this one a spin.

It has a familiar column layout, and supports multiple accounts. No Facebook or other social networks yet, but the developer(s) listens very intently on the Twitter account. In my opinion, Janetter is very similar to Yorufukurou in features.

The user interface has many different options. Changing themes can also affect where the buttons are placed. Minimalistic, anime, and Mac themed are options upon eyeballing the different choices.

Janetter supports native and “old school” retweets, plus Twitter’s image service and URL shortener. The most recent update added Read it Later and Instapaper.

Notifications are very similar to TweetDeck. Janetter has native popup notifications with sounds. However, the popups won’t show if using Mission Control (Mac) to switch routinely between applications. Fortunately, it supports Growl notifications as a work around.

Muting is another cool feature. You can mute certain applications, people, and words. Very useful if not wanting to unfollow someone.

I’m really impressed with all the functionality of Janetter. The settings are a little too widely spread out, but it feels even more real time than TweetDeck. I’ll continue to use the Mac version until something else comes along.

Missing Features

  • Native popups on multiple work spaces (Mac)
  • Location option
  • Scheduling Tweets
  • More Social Networks

If you try it out, feel free to discuss your opinion in the comments!



  1. Bruce R. (BPR639geek) says

    Ross how does Janetter compare to Hootsuite? I recently started using that & seems very flexible & feature rich. At the moment I’m only using twitter, but may add facebook soon. Thanks… “B”

    • Profile photo of Ross LaRocco says

      Bruce: HootSuite still has the beef for professional use (Team collaboration tools, analytics and such).

      At the moment, Janetter is missing features that would not make HootSuite users jump ship. I really like the direction of this app due to the developers. They’re really taking the time to engage people and answer questions.

      Has the potential to become a really solid app on the market.

      • Bruce R. (BPR639geek) says

        Ok Ross, thanks. I really like HootSuite. In the 2+ months I’ve had it, it’s served me well, (so far). It’s very well laid out, I can customize it to fit my needs & comfort level & looks cool too!!! “B”