Jellybean Galaxy

Galaxy Tab 3

The Galaxy Tab 3 runs Jellybean 4.1 on a 7 inch display powered by a 1.2 Ghz dual-core processor.

Accidental Incest Prevention App

In some parts of the world, accidental incest actually is a real problem. This accidental incest prevention app will help you make dating less of a genetic minefield.

Smartskin Phone Condoms

Firebox Smartskin phone condoms make it easier to practice safe tech in dirty environments, rain or shine.

BackTrack Social Smartphone Breathalyzer

BackTracks’s social smartphone breathalyzer can help you with the dire problem of how to broadcast your blood alcohol level to the entire world, should you want to.

Popular Mechanics Arcade Table/Beer Tap

This arcade table/beer tap DIY mashup from Popular Mechanics is just the reason you need to broadcast your blood alcohol level after boasting about beating your latest high score.