John P’s Big Desktop Tour

Just Mobile AluBase Laptop Mount

I run my computing off a MacBook air and keep it standing off to the side of my desk in this Just Mobile AluBase Laptop Mount.

KEF X300A Digital Hi-Fi Speakers

I like my desktop sound crisp and clear, so I’ve got these KEF speakers to make everything sound its best.

Just Mobile DW-500 Monitor Stand Drawer

To organize loose things on my desk, and elevate my screen to a better eye level, I use the Just Mobile DW-500 Monitor Stand Drawer.

Apple Thunderbolt Monitor

I go with an Apple Thunderbolt Monitor because in addition to being a great display, I like the input and output ports provided.

Drobo Mini

The Drobo Mini gives me a very compact 4TB of storage I can position right under my screen.

GoPro Hero3

I’ve got a couple of GoPro Hero3 cameras on my desk, getting them ready for the Japan trip. We use GoPros all the time for different kinds of action shooting.

MeshWe Bluefin

The MeshWe Bluefin is a connector to link an Apple Wireless Keyboard and a Magic Trackpad together to make them feel like a single unit.

MOCET Communicator Phone

The MOCET Communicator Phone works as a dock for an iPad and basically uses it to create a fully-featured phone system that will work with VoIP options like Skype.

iDapt i4 Charger, iPod Touch and Clear WiFi Hotspot

The iDapt i4 Charger has interchangeable charging tips so we can use it with Apple stuff, like my iPod Touch, as well as things like the Clear WiFi Hotspot.

Toddy Gear Screenster

The Toddy Gear Screenster keeps everything all nice and clean. Screensters aren’t quite on the market yet, but when they are, you’ll find them here.


  1. Tim says

    Do you have a link for the blue box to the right of the charger. I like that even better than what I’m using to hold my keys and pocket stuff.

  2. Alec says

    What hard drives did you use in the Drobo including the mSata if you used one? Do you use the $50 Drobo case with it if you travel? If so, how good is it? Many reviews say the zipper catches the material and gets stuck. Do you have the Bluetooth dongle for the KEF speakers and have you used it for Airplay? Do you know if the AluBase works with a 15″ Macbook Pro Retina? Thanks for the shows and say hi to Cali.

    • Profile photo of John P. says

      Well, actuall Jim it’s more like $5,000. 😉 And I know its definitely not for everyone, but remember this is our work environment. This is much better than I have at home, because these are the tools we need to do our job. So it’s not going to be right for everyone, but perhaps if you’re looking for individual pieces you can get a little pointer from all of my experimentation.


      John P.

  3. Chad says

    you don’t have the phones service you used for you wireless phone listed? or a link.
    is it easy to use? do you like it?

    • Profile photo of John P. says

      Sorry, you’re right! The service we use is called Ooma. We are pretty happy with it, though Cali got really frustrated with billing issues with them.

      Having said that, it has been 100% reliable for us for years, and for the cost you can’t beat it. So I’d still recommend them.

    • Profile photo of John P. says

      Yeah, its pathetic isn’t it. :-) We really need a little decoration. Its very spartan and all we focus on is the technology!

  4. TroyGriMondo says

    That’s a whole lot of cumming going on in that office Papa. You seem quite pleased with your I selections, did you rent that set up from Rent-A-Center? So Drobo seems to be the Key to the data Vault. You keep Chasing your dreams and I’ll keep $hasing mine.
    Almost all my best John beecause your the best; The “Gates Guy”.
    *Well Cali is Actually.