Just Mobile Gum Max Review

I remember while at a Blogging Conference this past summer how the outside seats filled up quickly because everyone needed a place to plug in. As we hopped from one session to the next, batteries were drained and outlets became scarce. A portable battery charger would be just the thing to help someone score a seat closer to the action and in the middle of the room. The Just Mobile Gum Max would fill that need perfectly.

Just Mobile Gum Max

Just Mobile Gum MaxJust Mobile Gum Max is a backup battery for both the iPad and iPad 2. It has a 10.400mAh capacity and can fully recharge an iPad and still have more power to spare.

Plus, with a USB output, it also has the ability to charge most smartphones. Eight LED power indicators keep track of the Gum Max’s remaining power. To recharge, you simply plug into a standard USB output so you can always have plenty of power on the go.

My Thoughts on Gum Max

My iPad2 is most often in the hands of my children around here. The teens use it for their social media or games while the younger girls watch movies or play their fun, girly games. It was not hard to drain the battery so that we could test out the Gum Max. Making sure the battery pack was charged before plugging it into the iPad2 we set them aside and waited until the tablet was fully charged. (Please note: the Gum Max should not be plugged in for charging at the same time it is being used to charge another device.) All in all, the iPad2 was back to 100% within 3 hours and the Gum Max still had some extra juice to spare.

My iPhone is always in use. Always. When I am unable to be on my computer I am constantly checking my email, my blog, my social media accounts, texting… something. Therefore, my battery is often completely drained halfway through the day. So, after my iPhone reached 10% battery life I plugged it into the Gum Max to see how much charge I could get with the remaining juice it had left. The backup battery pack was at 2 blinking LEDs of power. After an hour, my iPhone was back up to around 75% and the Gum Max was almost depleted of its own power. That little battery pack held quite a bit of energy and is the perfect solution to the “no outlets in the center of the room” problem.

Not to mention, with the lightweight design and included travel pouch make it easy to carry along and store. It comes with both a Micro USB cable and a Dock Connector cable, one for charging itself and the other for charging your device. The Gum Max has an aluminum shell which makes it durable to some elements, but very susceptible to scratches and scuffs. For someone who likes to keep everything keeping brand new for as long as possible, I would like to see perhaps some rubber grips on the bottom for traction on the desk top or something of that nature to minimize the cosmetic mishaps.

I should also note that when charging the Gum Max, it seems to require quite a bit of energy from your computer and it may disable other USB devices in the process. I have 2 extra monitors and an external hard drive connected to my laptop and while charging the Gum Max they were all disabled so that the battery pack could charge. Perhaps a wall charger should be an added feature in the future. Otherwise, the Just Mobile Gum Max performed exactly as it suggested and provided the juice it claims with a little extra to spare. With a MSRP of $109.95, it is comparably priced to others in the industry but seems to be a step above in the power to charge and have a little extra to spare.