Keep Your Google+ Homestream and Notifications Under Control

So many of us are on Google+ these days. I know for me, it is my favorite platform. However, there are some ways you can actually set it up so that it is not so overwhelming on your Homestream, and so you are not getting tons of notifications.

Are you on G+? If so, are you going to use this tip?


  1. Charles Cortes says

    Janey, you are obviously not using G+ properly, as most typical “it doesn’t work” nay sayers are. If you’d like I would gladly help you curate your circles so that you can see just how busy G+ really is and see if I can get you to rethink your opinion above. If it doesn’t work then it doesn’t. After all not every social media site is meant to work for everyone. I don’t like Facebook and Twitters 140 character limit is a huge limitation for a guy who goes by the online nickname Chatterbox Chuck.

    David, excellent video. I have a few tricks of my own as well.

  2. Janey says

    Mine is still crickets because despite what people claim, not that many people actually use Google+ 😛 it’s become a little island of its own.

    Facebook has become cleaner. Sorry, g+…..

    • says

      Janey– what “expert” convinced you of what you’re saying? The last guy that tried to say Google+ was “crickets” got a pleasant awakening – my small #ChirpChirp campaign certainly proved it for him.

    • Profile photo of Christopher says

      Well I am in the middle of switching from FB to Google plus cause of these videos from David. I use to hate google plus, the over the past year I have been hating FB more cause of the advertisements and here I am able to turn off the advertisements using my name if I want to. This is a lot easier to control then FB and give you choices instead of being a dictator and telling how it has to be :-). Hey David Foster I wish that you would do a video on communities or if you have can you link it. Thanks Christopher Malaney